Drivers II – The ageing population

There is getting more of us on this planet and we are getting older. There is no doubt that the world’s population is getting older. The hard facts for the world as a whole are a steep rise in median age from 24 in 1950, 27 in 2000, up to 38 in 2050. In the developed countries, according to the UN, the overall median age was 29 in 1950 and is forecast to rise to 46 by 2050. This is a global trend even if it is more stressed in the developed countries.

According to surveys the “over 50s” are now the most fitness conscious age-group. But on the other hand around 50% of this group have a condition that makes handling of packaging difficult and often painful!

The news here is that this ageing population will have the critical mass to create a significant demand for a range of improvements to meet their new needs. From a packaging point of view they will call for containers that are easier to handle, with better ergonomics. This is much about how to use a container, focus is on how to open and close it but also pouring and gripping etc. Older people with limited eye sight will need packaging with labels that are readable, or somehow conveys a clear and readable message.

This requires innovative new packaging but is a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for the industry.