Greener than thou

The Consumer Goods Forum is launching a Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability (GPPS). Now this is really something. This is not just any old protocol, it’s meant to be THE protocol. The protocol, or the set of rules, for how to assess and compare the relative sustainability of packaging.

This is challenging the very way we look at our own converted material as the most environment efficient and sustainable. As it is proven in LCA’s and in other expensive ways.

The aim is to make available a tool or a common language that actually can help companies reduce the environmental impact of their packaging. This will without doubt rock the oil tanker and create some interesting debate in the near future.

The Consumer Goods Forum is a very important and weighty organisation representing over 650 retailers, manufacturers, service providers and other stakeholders across 70 countries. The protocol was created by a group consisting of representatives from the
leading retailers and brand owners of the world. So the protocol will probably
prove to be of the more sustainable type.

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Interpack 2011 – Packaging Galore

7 days of packaging, sore feet and alt beer. Everybody was there and all we have read about in the trade press was on display. What a place to mingle and trade business cards. New revolutionary concepts or ground-breaking products I didn’t spot but a whole range of small steps forward for the industry as such. In the end it is about spotting the needles in the haystack.

Examples hereof would be Crown’s two-piece lid Orbit, ideal for jars with a, for elderly people, challenging vacuum. PaperFoam showing off their cleverly starch based alternatives to, well anything. Ball had the re-sealable beverage can in the Innovationparc area, now commercial. Smart security labels from for example Securikett takes product safety to another level. Just to mention a few needles, all aren’t even new but still worth a chat with the people in the booth.

A more general observation is that green packaging is now mainstream. I think it was it 6 years ago when the pavilion that today was about Food Waste contained the representatives for sustainable products and services of all kinds. Today they were  more or less blended in with the others.