The water market bagged?

Flexible plastics are a fast developing packaging segment. A growth fuelled by substitution from other materials but also in its own right being a light weight and many times a cost effective alternative. Packaging solutions are on offer in various forms and shapes as bags, pouches, wrapping films and foils, of varying levels of sophistication.

Flexible plastics have a visual advantage compared to many other materials when you can actually use the entire pack surface for printing. But on the negative side is the flimsiness of the material that is not able to deliver enough barriers plus a lack of functionality in opening and closing.

Some of the downsides could become upsides depending on packed product. In the case of Dolphin’s water pouches from Smart Pack the flimsiness of a stand-up pouch is an advantage when carrying this sip of water around. At 25cl (8.5oz.) it is a very small portion made for carrying in your pocket, handbag or for immediate consumption. It is also great for vending machines, events and for the small thirst or for kids. The opening isn’t very high-tech but the tear-off is fine for such a small amount of water.

Also good for disposing in a responsible way when the empty pack is a piece of film to fold up and pocket.