Is packaging less important for e-retailers?

E-commerce is showing double digit growth year out and year in. We are now on our way into the holiday seasons which will give the trade yet another boost. Clothing and electronics are still the two dominating categories. Food is not quite there, but coming strongly.plain-corrugated-box_10709490_250x250

Sealed Air recently made the results from an e-commerce study available, obviously with a packaging angle. The study was made in the US but there as here or anywhere the first physical encounter with the buyer/consumer is the packaging.

A staggering 66% of the interviewed also hold the view that “the packaging of their shipment shows them how much the retailer cares about them and their order”. I’m not surprised at all, you position your brand with packaging also in this business.

What is then irritating people the most when it comes to packaging and e-commerce? The top two items coming out of this study are concerning recycling and disposal of packaging. Here is room for improvement and a challenge for the innovative packaging industry.

My opinion is that packaging is just as important for the e-retailers. But today it seems forgotten and an opportunity missed by the e-commerce industry. I was at an e-commerce conference and trade show a few weeks ago. There was only one exhibitor who addressed the packaging issue. It was RePack who are offering a great reusable solution but this is a big and fast growing market and there must be space for more alternatives.

Wonderful, wonderful region Copenhagen…

oresundThere is a list for everything and in particular when we enter a new year… Here is a list ranking the 10 smartest cities in Europe.

This is actually interesting because they are looking for innovative and entrepreneurial places. And here comes Copenhagen and grabs the front seat. The place is environmentally relatively sound and scores high marks with lots of bike activity. It is indeed an innovative and entrepreneurial area especially when you expand the reach to the Copenhagen-Malmö area.

We have a very strong representation of packaging industry in this region and of the food/beverage industries too. This is for historical reasons and an result of innovative and entrepreneurial people and organisations. The world’s largest consumer packaging supplier Tetra Pak for instance was born in the region. On the Swedish side, where it still is based. Many ground breaking packaging solutions have been created in the region and it is busy still.

The Öresund area is still a very active and innovative region for packaging and packaging related industry with a healthy mix of SME’s and large corporations. It was a pleasant surprise that it was the top place to be in Europe.

Innovation and creativity

The innovation process doesn’t have to be neither time consuming nor expensive. In the end it is about thinking out of that old box.

A Panama-based liquor company, Scottish Spirits, has launched a 12 ounce or 35 cl aluminium can filled with whiskey. Beverage cans have been used since the 1930’s and whiskey has been around for a while. But the combination…

This week I have been following this new product ripple through the internet. I have lost count on how many blogs, newsletters and comments made about the oddity of filling a can with whiskey. The product has got the attention similar to a well funded and planned global ad campaign. Now it is up to logistics to make sure that the can is to be found in every supermarket around the world. I want one and I am certain that there are a few like me out there.

Somebody said something like “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”