Cool cool coal water

A great idea and speaking of active packaging. Can it be more active than with added active charcoal? It’s UK-based Black+Blum’s Eau Good water bottle that embraces the centuries-old use of active charcoal to make every day tap water taste better.

Great design and that piece of charcoal actually reduces the chlorine content while mineralizing the water and balancing its pH. What more can you ask for?

Just add water…

Wining and designing

The industry is apparently working on broadening the consumer base and to attract more of the female type. These two products, one from the US and the other on just launched in Italy and Germany, are both trying to appeal to the feminine consumer side. The way to do that is through design.

I don’t know how effective these product launches will be in the end but I think it shows a good example of how you can position your product with design.

The Italian Grappa distillery, Mazzetti d’Altavilla’s Essentia Vitae, has launched a range of three “scented” wines called: No 4 Ruche (jasmine-scented), No 6 Malvasia (rose), and No 8 Moscato (violet).

On the other side of the pond SX Latin Liquors launches a line of premium Latin spirits infused with sensual and exotic ingredients in a distinctive contoured bottle. The bottle is designed to provide differentiation in a category that is saturated with tradition and rich, Mexican heritage but lacking in appeal to women.