Drink management

Coors2Why trust your senses when it’s more fun with technology? We use for instance thermochromic ink to tell us if our beverages are cold yet. It is fun and a great way to interact with consumers. Measuring is exciting and there is a small control freak inside of us all.

Now this thingy is really cool. You put this stick into your beverage and hey presto you get a reading of your drink status. Isvaliber.jpgrael based Valiber has developed a hi-tech “spoon” that can measure not only the temperature but also the sweetness of a beverage. This is great but why stop here?

Their spoons will actually soon be able to provide a measurement for other taste sensations such as how sour, how salty, and how bitter your drinks are.

This is fascinating from more than one perspective. I like the idea of new techBandnology supporting every day life and even improving the way we enjoy consumption.

It also fits so well with our obsession to measure and calculate our other activities such as walking, running, sleeping and more. We could probably live without a fitness band, but why take the risk.

The measuring spoon comes handy when you want to know more about your thirst quencher. But you can on the other hand just as well trust your senses and read the label on the packaging…

Private Labels & the Increased Importance of Proper Packaging

Private labels are still growing fast and nonetheless have a great growth potential, after all these years. And private labels will be using the leverage to get there. Why not? Only upsides. 

Keep Calm 2PL success is obviously scattered both by geography and by category. In Europe the UK and Switzerland are often mentioned as the mature PL markets averaging around 50% in a supermarket. This can be compared to shares below 20% in markets like Italy and the US.

Private label products are said to be available in 9 out of 10 FMCG categories and average on a price point 30% below national brands. This is a serious challenge for any brand owner. The recent economic downturn has also further driven the demand for PL and retailers are building strong brands that are changing the balance in the eco system.

Brand owners are meeting the threat with all they have got. But my view is that few are to the full using the most powerful weapon available at POS – the primary packaging.

Use the packaging as the superb marketing tool it is. Invest in strategic packaging design, think through what you want to communicate.  Put in a budget for developing increased packaging functionality. Add value to the product with a pack that is easier to open, re-close, pour from, store, dispose of, etc.

Make it easier for the consumer to determine the difference between products, use the packaging! It works.

The consumer is king

Bouteille_Wattwiller_a_personnaliser-ea5ffThe consumer is the final POS decision maker, now also made able to put the final touch to the label according to mood, need or whim. That is what I call an individual water bottle.

Wattwiller, French mineral water brand, made labels with left out space for the consumer to add their own text or draw pictures.

When making creative packaging it isn’t always you that have to be the creative one. Sometimes you can apparently get off the hook by letting the consumer do the job.