Drivers III – Expedient, lenient and Convenient

The constantly increasing consumer demand for more convenient solutions to everything is clearly visible also in the world of packaging. The perceived time scarcity from longer working hours and the ambition to fill up our lives with even more activities creates a demand for convenient every-day solutions, where packaging have a significant role to play.

Consumers want a packaging solution that is handy to open, use and then close again. This is underlined by increased consumption while on-the-go. We seem to want to save more and more time by eating, drinking, grooming, etc while we are away from home.

The packaging opportunity is to supply the industry with portion sized packaging, preferably made to operate with one hand. It also has got be a light weight one, easy to grip and that stands by itself and does not tip easily. It has got to be easy to carry around and to dose from and it should be thought through how to dispose the empty packaging.

Or simply more convenient packaging, because we want to consume more in our cars, in our offices, while commuting, outdoors or simply on-the-go.

Beverage packaging + environmental concerns = Opportunity

A recent study made by found that all 94% of Americans are concerned about the long-term effects that their packaged beverage purchases and consumption have on the environment. This is a large number and concerning in itself.

The worst thing is that I don’t think this is an American thing. I think this is a more or less global viewpoint. Consumers are concerned about what they can see and feel and everyday packaging is definitely fitting that description.

To make a long story (report) short, recycling was cited frequently (45 %) as the most important environmental concern for packaged beverages. This is not a threat, this is an opportunity. This is an opportunity for the industry to support recycling of empty beverage containers. To make it easier to recycle and perhaps even incentivise it. Because, as the founder of puts it. “Our research shows that consumers think about the environment when they are making beverage purchases; specifically, the findings indicate that consumers relate positively to packages that are easy to recycle. Beverage companies should start a full court press on recycling.”