Iced coffee, hotter than ever (as far as I can remember…)

Today I have seen two pieces of seriously positive news items supporting coffee. Could it be that I am looking for them to defend my own consumption. Nevertheless, I first noticed that coffee drinking will actually boost your memory.icedjava

According to a study a mug of strong java will boost your memory and actually improve your recall after a learning session. This is great news but the downside for me is that I already continuously sip on a cup of strong brew, so this is apparently my limit.

The other uplifting news that came to me today was from another band of researchers. They have come to the conclusion that coffee actually hydrates you and not the opposite, as was previously thought. Coffee is as good as water when it comes to hydrating your body.

Now, I hope that this together with other recent encouraging press about the positive effects of coffee, good for your heart, your general happiness and even some cancers, will change our view on iced coffee. Now is the time for launching a line of good iced coffee products in suitable packaging. Coffee on-the-go doesn’t have to come in a paper cup. It can very well be consumed in a carton, can or a bottle. It works in many parts of the world but not quite yet in Europe. Time for change.

A new meaning to coffee breath

Is this thinking out of the coffee box and straight into a tube? It is definitely a both creative and innovative product launched by LeWhif. It’s a coffee inhaler for on-the-go usage.

This is meant to be an alternative to the traditional and boring CUP of coffee. You grab your asthma inhaler loaded with coffee powder and caffeine and take a deep breath, and before you can say double espresso, you are done. And from a packaging point of view, it is made entirely from biodegradable PLA.

This might not be my cup of tea but I am sure that LeWhif will find some followers out there.