Top Packaging Summit

Top Packaging Summit 2011 – in Malmö, Sweden. October 20th 2011

A high level packaging conference with a quite impressive line of speakers. We are seeing on stage presenters obviously from the packaging industry but also from the brand owers and the retailers.

The conference is on the theme ”The future and the possibilities for consumer packaging”with a  focus on the emerging opportunities for the packaging industry. The speakers will cover topics as:

  • Packaging Innovation
  • Consumer and Packaging Trends
  • Brand Owners´ Packaging Strategies
  • The Retailers’ Future Demands and Preferences

This is taking place in Malmö, Sweden on October 20th. For more info and booking please visit

Rexam did what it had to do

Yesterday Rexam announced that sales the first 6 months this year has been up 2% and that operating profit is up by 25%, all organic and compared to the same period last year. With a new CEO you have to show the share holders, and any other bystanders, that the shift by the helm worked very well indeed.

And it did, cash is flowing and the so important segment beverage cans are also growing by 2%. Beverage cans are the backbone of Rexam with some 2/3 of the business. Speciality cans are said to be one of the drivers of the 2% recording. Generally cans are a growing packaging segment, growing in South America and East Europe, stable in North America and West Europe and a very uncertain matter in Russia. This is obviously a concern when you are leading the market in that particular place.

Nevertheless, speciality cans are back which is a good sign as such. It indicates that confidence in the market among customers is back to a degree.

A few plants have been sold and a few people have been made redundant and now Rexam is floating. The share price is still remarkably low but time will tell what is right there.

On the plastic side closures, in particular beverage closures, are dragging while personal care packaging is up.

So far so good for Rexam this year.

Sustainability – a matter for the CEO

Accenture has recently made a study together with the UN where they surveyed CEO’s from around the world. The subject was sustainability and the view the CEO’s might have on this. The research team seem to have made quite an effort and they have got 766 responses from the survey and on top of that they have made 50 in-depth interviews. Impressive.

I must say that also the findings are in many ways impressive.

  • 93% of CEO’s believe that sustainability issues will be critical to the future success of their business.
  • 96% of CEO’s believe that sustainability issues should be fully integrated into the strategy and operations of a company (up from 72% in 2007).
  • 88% of CEO’s believe that they should be integrating sustainability through their supply chain. Only 54% believe that this has been achieved within their company. An almost identical performance gap is seen for subsidiaries.

Besides all the comments and remarks you can make, “how is sustainability defined”, “how many questionnaires were distributed”, “pc responses were expected” and “54 %(!) Believe that this has been achieved…….”, it’s great. It is great that sustainability is a recognised problem and/or opportunity.

Not long ago very few CEO’s would have had the intention to integrate sustainability in the strategy of their company. Strategic planning is still the process of building up a plan that will make the company survive and prosper in the near future. Now sustainability has made it to that level, that it is critical to a company’s survival.

This is great news and the journey to this point has been long and far from a straight line. We can now expect to see some policy changes across the board in the near future.

This also makes you think. After sustainability, what is going to be the next big issue….?