What’s with those bottles?

Everybody wants a bottle. The first aseptic carton bottle in the world is now launched by Tetra Pak. First out is a 1 litre Tetra Evero Aseptic used for milk in Spain. The idea is to add value by making a milk packaging that is easier to handle and pour from.

Now this was the last one out and it concludes the line-up of available materials to choose from when you want to pack your product in a bottle. Since long you can choose from a glass bottle and a plastic bottle. A few years you could also add to the list a can shaped as a bottle and now also a carton based one. Still to come, a flexible bottle?

Twist and recycle

I think Evian was the first one out, now about 10 years ago. I am thinking of the PET bottle for water that was structured in a way that made it easier for the consumer to crush the empty bottle into a handy piece of plastic to dispose. But I haven’t seen a lot since, except for the I Lohas bottle from Coca-Cola Japan. http://bit.ly/Xretb

It is a shame because it is such a good idea, to have a packaging solution made for easy disposal. The I Lohas bottle scores even more points by being both light weight and made from plant material. I think the main point is that it is pre made to be easily twisted and compressed into a neat chunk to dispose. This is a packaging feature that strongly underlines the sustainable qualities of a product.

It’s my drink!

Beer Savers, or a lid for your bottle is a new concept recently launched by Beer Interactive. It is simply a silicon closure, slightly stretchable to fit a bottle opening. Not everybody has an articulated need for resealing their 33cl beer bottle. But this cap not only identifies your bottle in the bar/night club scene it also makes it more difficult for bad guys to tamper your beverage.

It is of course also a cool thing to use for promoting your bottled beer brands. Cheers.