A can is a can is…a can?

The beverage can industry is developing the can concept further by making it more light weight, developing stunning print technologies, introducing the widget to get the right foam, making it withstand a retort process, improving lining and the pull ring is now better than ever. But is still not resealable… Until now when Miller Coors is set to launch its Coors Light in a metal bottle. It is not the first product found in a can bottle but it is a significant launch when it hits US store shelves 1 September. The aluminium bottle is produced as a beverage can, cupped, bodied and finally beat into a bottle neck on the end. And here it is, the 16oz (47cl) Silver Bullet Aluminium Pint.

On the Ball

Ball Packaging has acquired Neuman Aluminum, a producer of aluminium slugs used to make extruded aerosol cans, beverage bottles, tubes etc. This is a strategic move to get access to critical technology. In the existing beverage can oligopoly it is crucial to get a technological advantage. This is another well placed step on that route for the Ball Corporation.