No milk today?

In February this year Sainsbury’s launched a new packaging for milk, a plastic pouch. Already in April it was said that early sales of the bags, which use 75% less packaging than standard plastic bottles, had been double initial predictions.

Today Sainsbury’s is to become the first retailer in the UK to launch a full range of milk product s in plastic pouches. Sainsbury’s will now extend its use of milk bags to include not only semi-skimmed but also standard milk, skimmed and 1% fat milk.

Isn’t this a contradiction, aren’t we going backwards now? Are consumers not willing to pay for convenient packaging solutions any more?

I think that the combination of money saved and the environmental arguments will make enough consumers willing to shift to this and leave the milkman floating. It is going to be 7% cheaper for the consumer per 2 pint package and use 75% less packaging material. Consumer tend to react to “reduction of packaging”.

Apparently milk in bags is already a regular choice for 60% of consumers in such a wide spread of markets as Canada, Poland, South Africa and China.

Author: packintel

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